Behind The Song: Melody Rose – “I Only Have Love For You”

Melody Rose

Pop/soul singer-songwriter Melody Rose recently released the first single off her upcoming debut EP, “I Only Have Love For You.”  Melody’s soulful vocals blend with her jazz-influenced pop music, aligning her with powerhouse female vocalists like Adele and Sara Bareilles. She attributes her unique vocal style to her various musical upbringings, having trained classically in opera for nine years, and studied jazz for seven.

Read what Melody had to say about her debut single below.

“It was a magical connection between two people that inspired “I Only Have Love For You.” I know it sounds cheesy and cliché’ but it was a “love at first sight” moment and I felt that experience was something I wanted to share. The pure connection of a profound love with another soul is “real,” for that moment or season in time. Two souls that were destined to meet to share a beautiful experience of intense emotion of love is something usually seen in movies, not something that actually happens in real life.

The lyrics are very conversational. In fact, the first line of the song came from a love letter I had written. “I feel like there are not enough words for a feeling that’s too much to handle.” Those lyrics were as realistic to my emotions as I could express. The chorus is a declaration of my love, “I want to scream it out loud, so the echoes always resound in you, I only have love for you.” This love was so intense and pure that I had to immortalize it in song. The only emotion I could ever feel for this person is love.

The music and production was designed specifically to embody the mood of the song. I wanted the song to sound as natural as possible and as pure as love. Keeping the production simple with piano, a little guitar, bass and cajon was all that was necessary. The wisp of wind chimes free to the wind in the background of the track was the idea of capturing that unaffected love.

The writing process for this song was easy. I felt it, and there it was flowing without any forced element. The result is a beautiful love song that is forever now. Relating on the level of pure love and hoping for everyone to experience that is what I wanted for this song.  I don’t want anyone to ever stop believing in love so pure. It’s not only in the movies. I am here to say it was real, it is real.” – MR


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