Feature Friday: BØRNS

Feature by Bailey Garno

We’ve got a brand new artist for this Friday’s feature and when I say brand new, I mean brand new…as in this artist has only released a single original song from his repertoire (emphasis on brand new, guys). In fact, this Michigan-native-and-current-LA-resident has released a debut single that sounds very new as well. Garrett Borns, or BØRNS on stage and in the studio, presents pretty pop in “10,000 Emerald Pools.”

I mean, would you expect anything less from a title like that? An endless scene of shimmering surfaces is the sort of image that comes to mind when I hear the name of this single, and BØRNS does a pretty good job with delivering a similar sound. Pretty pop with a hard edge is how I would describe this mix of rock/synth/pop sounds. A hard bass line combined with beachy acoustic plucking lend to a glam feel. What’s more, BØRNS’s vocals transcend prescribed gender sounds. In other words, you may initially mistake the vocals belonging to that of a woman. The range is so impressive; it’s no wonder this musician elected to move to LA to pursue his passion for music.

Here’s a fun fact: since moving to LA, BØRNS has taken residency in a treehouse—an actual treehouse. Now that feeling of unbridled freedom you get listening to “10,000 Emerald Pools” makes even more sense, right? Also, BØRNS has to be a super cool guy.

Just this past month, BØRNS performed at CMJ Music Marathon in NYC, and will be finished with a brief West Coast tour by the middle of next month. But we shouldn’t anticipate BØRNS falling off the radar after this; music junkies should expect a debut EP, titled Candy, for November 10th. BØRNS and Interscope Records have released the complete list of the tracks, which includes “Electric Love,” “Past Lives,” “Seeing Stars,” and the killer single “10,000 Emerald Pools.” While you wait for this release, download the debut single now.


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