Album Review: You + Me – rose ave.

via cityandcolour.comReview by Bailey Garno

For all of you that read my past single review for a certain duo known as You+Me, you will know why this next piece brings me so much happiness. It is my delight to present to you the 10-track album by You+Me, titled rose ave. Released this past October 14th, Alecia Moore, otherwise known as P!nk, and Dallas Green, from City and Colour and Alexisonfire, have graced their fans with beautiful vocal harmony and emotional lyric work in this project.

The lyrical content of the first track on the album fits the image that its title, “Capsized,” would evoke. With references to passing ships and treacherous seas, the feeling of exploration and desperation are emphasized by heavy strumming and other musical elements that create the effect of a howling wind. This ability to paint a picture just through words is seen throughout the album, indicative of the true talent these superstars possess. It’s also worth noting that this song is as instrumentally dense as it gets; everything that follows is stripped to Moore and Green, and two instruments, maybe. The only exception to this claim is “Break the Cycle.” Singing about the vicious cycle of a failing relationship, even the vocals and string section create a sound that rises and falls. All thoughtful details in what is undoubtedly a very personal song.

“From a Closet in Norway (Oslo Blues)” is my second favorite track off the album. This song is complicated only through the harmonies, which Moore and Green seem to create effortlessly anyways. Restricted to a soft, acoustic plucking, this is just one of the many ballads featured on the album. “Gently,” which follows, would be the happy counterpart to the last track. But structurally, the two songs are the same; just Moore, Green, and a guitar, which is the perfect way to have the two musicians.

The only even more perfect way to have You+Me is in the form of “Love Gone Wrong.” Each singer takes a turn leading a verse, while the chorus brings the two together, Green singing in a higher register than Moore’s sensual grovel. My favorite part off this song, though, is Moore’s verse. She sings with so much attitude and soul, hearing it will give you goosebumps. Major nod to P!nk here and my top pick off the album for sure!

“You and Me” is another great example of the harmonic talent this pair has. I mentioned in my feature how it never feels like one artist is being played over the other. This track sounds like a Western love story, layering steel guitar over a simple strumming. The steel guitar is also featured in “Open Door,” a beautiful tearjerker of a song written like an open letter to Moore and Green’s parents.

Overall, this album deserves a standing ovation. When you consider how busy the two must be with their own music going on, and the fact that the majority of this project was created in a single week (WHAT?!), for an entire album to come out like this reveals a true passion for music. Available on iTunes for downloading and Spotify for streaming, rose ave. by You+Me is a must listen.

Rating: 4.5/5
Recommended Tracks:
“Love Gone Wrong”
“From a Closet in Norway (Oslo Blues)”
“No Ordinary Love”


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