Interview: The Henry Millers


After featuring The Henry Millers as our MCU Monday artist and seeing them perform at Rough Trade (read our review here), this promising talent hardly needs an introduction.  We just can’t seem to get enough of this band, so we’ve made sure we also got a chance to share a recent interview.  Read below to hear even more of what we learned from the band, from their inspirations to just who, exactly, “Henry Miller” is.

We talked to the band about their sound and inspirations, including the impact New York as a city has had on them. The band admitted that NYC has certainly shaped them mentally as people, and that their music has been influenced by a range of artists from Elvis to contemporary Top 40 radio. Their most standout comment, however, was that The Henry Millers strive to create music they would personally want to listen to, a surefire way to make music you enjoy and are proud of. The band is currently promoting their new release, Posies, featuring a single of the same title which they are especially proud of. When asked about their recording process, the progression of “Posies” really stood out to John and Katie.

The Henry Millers also finished up a recent tour in support of Posies, but are eager to get back on the road.  They confided that they will be in the Northeast this winter on select dates and will make their way to the West Coast in time for the SXSW festival. The Henry Millers commented on their love for performing live, quoting Rough Trade as their favorite venue thus far. But their dream venue? The Henry Millers have their eyes set on playing the Bowery Ballroom.

And because we know we are all curious, we had to ask, why “The Henry Millers” after all?  The duo explained about their love for the author’s work and how they both connected to it in a unique way.  When it came to the question of how Henry Miller’s work has affected their music, however, it was the typical “chicken before the egg” dilemma.  ”

I am not sure if his work directly influences the music or whether the music sounds like it does because we are huge fans of his…” they explained.Finally, in true THM style, when asked how they deal with staying lighthearted despite their heavy lyrics, the band chalked it up to one simple solution: vitamin D.


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