Show Review: The Henry Millers


You may have noticed that we have given quite a bit of attention to indie-pop band, The Henry Millers, of late. (Read our MCU Monday feature on them here).  We are pleased to announce that our attention paid off, and we were able to attend a show at Rough Trade in New York on September 26th.  It was great to finally witness The Henry Millers in action. They played a full 10-piece set, closing with their new title track, “Posies.”

They opened with “Hop,” a fun hint into the band’s sound.  There was energy in the musicality of the performance and a mellowness in the vocals and lyrics.

“Beautiful Woman” was another notable performance.  Katie’s alluring vocals were prominent, and the guitar worked to further establish a soothing sensation, with just the right amount of electric pop.

The band really got into the fast-paced “Treehouse.”  They all had they instruments out, and the staccato rhythms brought out the best in each performer.  Katie seemed quite smitten with the song itself, and you couldn’t help but smile along with her.

“Simple Thing” was by far my favorite.  The song had a great build up, and as it progressed it reminded me of a Halloween/zombie anthem.  I’m reminded of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and how perfect “Simple Thing” is for this time of year.

“Posies” was easily meant to be the highlight of the show.  The song has been a big part of the band’s promotion, especially with the upcoming release of their new album, not surprisingly of the same name.  It’s an easy song to jam to, even as it draws upon the disturbing nursery rhyme.  The Henry Millers definitely keep it light, creating an electric atmosphere.  Listening to the song after the show, it feels almost as if “Posies” was meant to be performed live.

The Henry Millers has a unique sound and combination of voices. Live, however, at times it felt that John and Katie were not completely in harmony with one another. In a few songs this came off as weak, taking away from the full potential we know they have.

The drummer, Dan Kirschen, on the other hand, was amazing. On several occasions he clearly stole the show. It was a treat to see someone from the band shine behind the duo. Kirschen provided proof to the fact that The Henry Millers as just John and Katie was not complete until they rounded out their band.

To hear more from The Henry Millers, you can stream Posies here.



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