Feature Friday: Aaron Krause

Aaron KrauseFeature by Bailey Garno

This past September, Holding On To Love premiered as Aaron Krause’s debut LP, a nearly fully independent project of 10 impressive tracks. Krause is originally from St. Louis, Missouri, but for this album he was working in Nashville, a place known for its music scene and country twang. The latter is definitely evident in the LP, with steel guitar sweeping through tracks like “Honey, Fire” and several Texan artists contributing to the sound.

Nathan Spicer (Katy Perry, Matt Kearny) is on guitar for the majority of the album, and also co-wrote “Honey, Fire” and “Feeling Kinda Free.” The lyrical work is definitely noteworthy; Krause, along with Spicer, excel here. The singer-songwriter has no issue being honest; “I Don’t Want To Lose You” is supposedly an especially personal track (see Krause’s interview with New York Minute here). What with such honest writing and the knowledge that this album itself is virtually self-produced, you might never guess that Krause is just 23-years old.

Krause has also had considerable YouTube success. He has covered “Sky Full of Stars” and a tear-jerker version of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take.” This last one was actually performed alongside a past Feature Friday artist I still hold dear to my ear, Liza Anne! You may also remember Liza Anne’s cover of Lorde’s “Buzzcut Season.” Well, Krause worked with her on that, too!

Holding On To Love provides a mix of sonic sounds and acoustic indie. It is available for download now, or you can also stream it on Relevant Magazine’s official site. Enjoy!


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