MCU Mondays: The Henry Millers

The Henry Millers

We’re back with another MCU Mondays! This month, our featured playlist comes from The Henry Millers. John, one half of the Brooklyn indie-pop duo, told us about the music that has made an impact on him and that he’s been listening to recently. Check out his playlist below and subscribe to it here on Spotify.

For a long time I never made or listened to playlists. I would get fully immersed in certain albums and just play them over and over again, from start to finish. I love getting completely immersed in one band/artists idea for an album. Music takes an incredibly long time to make and when I listen to these LP’s I try to imagine where that person or persons were, what they were thinking, or how they were feeling while making it. There is so much emotion tied up into 10 songs, so much that can be said, so many ideas that can be relayed, that its really worthwhile to let the band say all those things in the context that they intended. Recently though, as a result of starting to run, and wanting to have constant high energy songs, I have been forced into making playlists.

Here it goes for all of you. These are songs that have been very important to me recently and in the past. There are also a few songs by friends that I absolutely love and listen to constantly. 

Beck – Think I’m in Love
Abuela – True Colors
Sia – Chandelier
Morning Teleportation – Crystalline
Passion Pit – Constant Conversations
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Weight of the World
Luke Roberts – Unspotted Clothes
Mimicking Birds – Bloodlines
Vampire Weekend – Finger Back
Gorillaz – All Alone
Handsome Boy Modeling School – Magnetizing
Captain & Tennile – Love Will Keep Us Together
Paul McCartney – Dear Boy
Acid Goblin – I Love Synthesizers
David Bowie – Oh You Pretty Things


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