Feature Friday: The Franklin Electric

The Franklin ElectricFeature by Bailey Garno

Newly signed to Indica Records, the alternative, folk-pop quintet, The Franklin Electric, is re-releasing their debut album for fans and we couldn’t be more thrilled. This Is How I Let You Down was first released back in June 2013 and captivated listeners with the stripped-bare style, Mumford-like harmonies, and occasional orchestral sweeps of the Montreal group. Now the album is available in stores and online, so have a listen to these talents.

The group made its mark first on the music scene by winning a Nashville songwriting contest in 2012 with the striking “Old Piano.” Frontman/songwriter/trumpeter/pianist (yes, he does it all!) Jon Matte wrote this and the rest of the eleven-track album, which is notable for its exceptional lyricism. The rest of the group consists of Liam Killen on drums/vocals, Martin Desrosby on bass, and Alexis Messier on guitars. Together, these guys make up The Franklin Electric.

This past summer The Franklin Electric was touring in France, The Netherlands, and the UK. They will be returning to their home country for the fall though, making stops in Montreal, Quebec City, Richmond, and more. Beautifully chilling and undoubtedly easy on the ears, your friends here at Music Creates Us highly recommend this one for you!


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