Feature Friday: Jack Carty

Feature by Bailey Garno

Reading up on this week’s Feature Friday, one thing is for certain: this artist is a workaholic. Since he stepped onto the music scene a mere four years ago, our singer/songwriter has released two full-length albums and two EPs, one of which was a collaborative effort. Now, four years since it all began, Jack Carty, a Sydney, Australia-native is itching to release yet another full-length album. This one goes under the title, Esk, and will be released in Australia sometime this month.

At 16-years old, Carty packed his bags and moved in the inner west, with an ambitious heart, an acoustic guitar, and his voice. As it turns out, that was all the young musician needed. Under Sydney’s Gigpiglet Recordings, the folk artist released his debut EP in 2010, Wine and Consequence. It was a huge success. Stripping back the excess, Carty snagged ‘Singer-Songwriter of the Year’ at the 2010 MusicOz Awards, and kept a spot in iTune’s Top 10 Singer/Songwriter charts. Additionally, Carty was led on international tour by like artists, Joshua Radin, Brett Dennen, and Ingrid Michaelson. Not a bad start, eh?

Following his immediate success, One Thousand Origami Birds was released in 2011 as Carty’s first full-length album. Between then and today, Carty has also released Break Your Own Heart (2012) and another EP, this one collaborative with Casual Psychotic, titled The Predictable Crisis of Modern Life (2013).

Now, with the first single off the forthcoming album released, Carty has wetted appetites for many. “Be Like Water” is genius work. Listening to it now, Carty strikes me as vocally similar to The Decemberist’s lead vocalist, Colin Meloy. In other words, he is utterly talented. The single is a quick-paced, banjo-strumming, tambourine-tapping track…with an electric guitar. A totally atypical combination but trust me, this one works! It has undoubtedly done its job with getting fans gung-ho and ready to buy the new album, which Carty has remarked will be more collaborative like the last EP.

I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with Carty’s past work, that way, when this guy gets over to the U.S. next year (he will…oh, he will), you can be the hip friend in the group and tell everyone what they’re missing out on. Check out the artist’s official site for the opportunity to pre-order the upcoming album and receive an instant download of the new single!


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