Single Review: “You and Me” – You and Me

Review by Bailey Garno

I am über excited to announce what can only be taken as the most thrilling news in recent music…well…news! You+Me combines pop star P!nk and City and Colour’s Dallas Green and the result is absolute loveliness. For those who have always recognized what a powerhouse P!nk is but have never been able to get into the mainstream, pop music she has created, this new collaboration will have you weak in the knees.

The powerful duo who has, according to interviews, been friends for years, present emotionally rich material in their new, self-titled single, “You and Me.” Instrumentally, the pair pulls back a bit, and in doing so, reveal effortless and stunning harmony. This whole collaboration is so interesting because the indie-folk sound You+Me creates is just about the furthest thing from what we’ve heard from P!nk before. Dallas Green’s experience, on the other hand, is transparent here. City and Colour, the alias under which the Canadian has performed since the release of his first independent album, Sometimes, also has the twangy steel guitar and light, organic percussion that is prevalent in “You and Me.”

The entire song is easy on the ears, almost like a lullaby. Despite the melancholic tone, “You and Me” is a beautiful love song that has the potential to bring listeners to tears. What’s more, it never feels like one artist is trying to upstage the other. Rather, the harmonies are so wonderfully layered, that we must believe that the “you” and “me” could be one in the same individual.

You can listen and watch the lyric music video on YouTube here, and keep up on the latest with this duo on their official site, Enjoy my fellow music lovers!


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