Behind The Song: Michael Persall – “Stance”

New York Singer-Songwriter, Michael Persall, is proud to release his second single, “Stance.” The single comes from his debut EP, This & That, set for release November 2014.

Self written and performed, Persall’s debut EP is crafted from real life experiences and solidifies his reputation for producing honest love songs.

Read what Michael had to say about the single below and listen to more of his music here.

The inspiration for the song comes from the idea of winning somebody back after having done them wrong. “I’ve messed things up for sure, but now the picture’s clear.” The lyrics in the first verse show how I recognize what I’ve done wrong and now have come to the realization that I need to win the girl I’m singing to back. When the chorus hits, the pleading begins and it shows me asking for another chance, and if given one, that I won’t let her down.

The second verse is more playful and draws on happy memories, trying to get her to remember the good things. It builds up towards the ending and final chorus with a subtle change in lyrics in the final line, “I’ve changed my ways, just change your stance.” The lyrics in the first verse are, “I’ll change my ways, I’ll change your stance,” so with the subtle change at the end, it shows her that I’m ready to start over again, and things will be different this time around.

The whole process of writing the song happened pretty quickly. Where it changed a bit was in the production. The lyrics unfold as a conversation between me and the girl and it’s really just me stating my case and asking for another chance. It started off as a slower song, but after adding the bass line, it had a much happier, sort of fun and playful feel. It fit the theme of “winning someone back,” much better. – MP


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