Show Review: The Well Reds


On Wednesday night, we made our way to Rockwood Music Hall in NYC to see Atlanta-based pop-rockers, The Well Reds. The venue was quite small, but this allowed for an intimate show. The Well Reds, made up of Sean Crawford on lead guitar, Rex Crawford on bass, Jeremy Ezell on acoustic guitar and a dominating, aged, grand piano, as well as lead vocals, and Torin Degnats tucked away on drums, created a presence that was inescapable, even if not for the confined space. The crowd was also surprisingly diverse, and it was a great turnout, considering there were other bands playing on the stage right next door.

We came just in time to catch the end of their first song, “6 More Months,” and segue into their introduction and second song, “Carousels.” Ezell was very excited about “Carousels,” explaining how The Well Reds recently released a video for the song, as well as its importance on their upcoming album, Volume, due out November 10, 2014. The song has a great beat, and we knew immediately that we picked the right show to attend.

One of our favorite things about TWR was their ability to convey themselves as old fashioned, while still utilizing new techniques and sounds. They did this so effortlessly, with the rustic piano, the acoustic guitar paired with the electric guitar and loop pedal, as well as their more carefree fashion sense that conveyed them as down to earth and not trying too hard. Musically, TWR achieved this unique oxymoron by subtly transitioning to old favorites such as Soft Cell and Bob Marley. The band brilliantly turned their “Hearts” into the ever-catchy “Tainted Love,” and later incorporated Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry” and “Three Little Birds” into their song, “White Lights.” The transitions were carried out expertly, and were a great way to reach out to the small crowd.

“Violet” was a great song that showcased the talents of the band beyond Ezell’s vocals and Sean’s guitar skills. There was a focus on Rex’s bass in particular, and the significance of his relationship with Degnats’ drums. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the surface level music and not hear each individual piece, but hearing “Violet” live proved to be a unique experience to highlight the little things that bring The Well Reds together.

The last song, “BPM (I Feel Rhythm),” was an excellent exit song—a real showstopper. The energy was incredible, solidifying The Well Reds as an exciting band, and definitely leaving a memorable impression.

All in all, The Well Reds put on a great show, and we are more eager than ever to see what the band has to release in November with their album, Volume.


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