Single Review: New Navy – “Rosaline”

Review by Bailey Garno

Totally groovy and trance-like, New Navy’s new single “Rosaline” has hopeless romantics’ hearts fluttering.  Released from their upcoming debut LP, the Sydney three-piece have been busy in the recording studio, and this unconventional love song should be evidence of their hard work.

When you hear the phrase ‘love song,’ words that come to mind might be slow, melancholic, dreamy.  New Navy definitely has a trance-like sound, as evident from past releases (the Aussie group gained a following back in 2011 with the EP Uluwatu); but “Rosaline” presents a fun alternative.  Keeping in tradition with their organic-percussion sound, this single is a mix of tropical beats and the funkadelic harmonies of the ‘70s.  Lead singer, Luke O’Loughlin, sings without effort, receiving vocal back-up for the chorus and layering his own vocals in verses to create an echoe-y effect.

This love song is instrumentally dense, but the repetitiveness of the chorus and shimmering sounds never break the ceiling.  Just shy of the four-minute mark, “Rosaline” is ideal for two extremes of listening: mindless dancing and—dare I say it—studying!

New Navy will be touring this month around Australia, so for our readers in the States, you can keep up with the band on Facebook, or listen to their material on Spotify and iTunes.


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