Feature Friday: Split Seconds

Feature by Bailey Garno

In typical Music Creates Us fashion, we have another international band for our readers to look out for: Split Seconds! Hailing from Melbourne/Perth, this guy band (lest we mistakenly call them a boy band), cooly delivers pitched vocals in an indie-pop style. Having recently released their single, “Delivery,” which dabs more in R&B elements, Split Seconds will release their second EP this month. Proving their punny-ness, Neil Dumb & Young is sure to satisfy anxious fans.

The quintet has already teased fans with two tracks that are quite different in style, the first having already been mentioned. “Delivery” is more slow and sultry, with leadsman Sean Pollard’s vocals floating moodily over a light guitar and heavier drums. With my first listen, I was startled by the familiarity of Pollard’s sound, and with the help of some friends, it was determined he sounds quite similar to Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Also released this year in anticipation of the upcoming EP, “Halfway There” is more upbeat and features vocals from songstress Kathryn Rollins. Pollard and Rollins kind of banter back and forth in this indie-pop mix. It is quite fun and appropriate for a hazy summer day.

Sean Pollard is backed by Rhys Davies (vocals, guitar), Ben Golby (keys, vocals), James Trewenack (drums, vocals), and Vaughn Davies (bass, vocals). The band’s official site reveals that there has been a bit of jumping around between core members and additional players, especially between their earlier releases (e.g. the debut EP Split Seconds back in 2011) and now.

Nevertheless, listening to the guys’ Spotify and SoundCloud channels doesn’t reveal any significant differences in sound. Split Seconds today has been Split Seconds from the start, undoubtedly due in part to Pollard’s strong sound and lyrical work, and the persisting commitment of the majority bandmates.

Keep an eye out for the band’s second LP, set to premiere September 19th. In the meantime, you can listen to Split Second’s stuff on iTunes and other music download sites, or watch the official video for “Delivery” on the band’s YouTube channel.


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