Single Review: “You Said”


EVVY is a new indie pop artist on the scene, emerging from the excitement of New York City.  On August 19th, EVVY debuted a brand new, self-titled EP, featuring the single, “You Said.”  The EP features seven original songs from the aspiring singer/songwriter, but “You Said” has been quoted as one of EVVY’s personal favorites.

The song has hints of a more modern day Enya,with EVVY’s voice being soft, sweet, and haunting all at the same time.  Her vocals have definite merit, with an impeccable range into the higher octaves.  The beat is slow and moving, creating a pulsing sensation that easily pulls you through the song.

EVVY fits perfectly into the indie pop genre.  With “You Said,” she has certainly chosen a hit to highlight.  It would be no surprise if she ends up featured on the next big Young Adult film soundtrack.  Her eerie and alluring sound lines up with the likes of The Hunger Games and the ever-growing popularity of youthful, dystopian thrillers.  If anything, EVVY deserves such recognition.

Listen to “You Said” here, and go ahead and download EVVY on iTunes today.


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