Album Review: Somebody to You EP

There’s another boy band in town, and, yes, they are from the UK. The newest introduction to the US music scene (though they have been growing in the UK since 2012), The Vamps recently debuted a new EP, Somebody to You. The EP features The Vamps’ latest hit, “Somebody to You,” with guest vocals from Demi Lovato. The debut is unfortunately only a small peek at The Vamps, however. It is a compilation of songs from their album, Meet The Vamps, which was released in the UK and Ireland this past April. Out of a five track digital EP (the physical copy has seven), only three songs are originals–the other two are covers from the two other reigning boy bands at the moment, One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. It begs the question: Is that a smart move for The Vamps? Perhaps not, if they want to stand out on their own and not fall into the similar funk that The Wanted has faced. Yet The Vamps not only redeem themselves on their own tracks, but can hold their own, as well.

“Somebody to You” has all the makings of a catchy summer song, and it just makes the cut before August completely winds down. The song has been creeping up on the charts, but has yet to make it within the Maintstream Top 40. The EP, however, has made waves on the Billboard 200, a sure promise of the band’s bright future.

“Wild Heart” and “Move My Way” are the other originals on the American EP. “Wild Heart” was The Vamps’ first original song, previously released in the UK via YouTube, where the band gained their popularity and recognition. The song is brilliantly upbeat, and you can’t help but fall in love with lead singer Brad Simpson’s British lilt. The immediate hook? Just listen to him croon, “So here I go again, she got my heart again,” and you’ll know.

“Move My Way” has the typical “do doos” of a pop song, but like One Direction and 5SOS, leans toward a new generation of pop rock boy bands. The key comes from employing actual instrumental skills in drum beats and guitar riffs.

At times The Vamps’ sound is reminiscent of some of the lesser known pop bands found on the road in college towns or settings like Warped Tour. One such band that comes to mind is We Should Whisper!. Yet, strange as it seems, due to their young age, The Vamps come across with a more mature, long lasting sound. Somehow there is less of a chance of growing tired of their music.

The Vamps have already toured with the likes of Demi Lovato and Little Mix, and are currently wrapping up a tour supporting Austin Mahone and Fifth Harmony. The US still has to wait for their full length, but after this EP, fans are sure to be anxious for more original tracks. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

Rating: 4/5


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