Behind The Song: Kat Quinn – “Little Rose”

As an indie pop songstress, Quinn delivers a special sparkle, one that made Jimmy Fallon pull Quinn out of his audience to join the recent “Battle of the Instant Songwriters.” One of three people given a song title and less than an hour to write, Quinn performed her original, “Clouds Are People Too,” live on Late Night, gaining fans nationwide.

After moving to New York in the summer of 2011, Quinn teamed up with Peter Calo (producer, Carly Simon) to record her debut EP, Exhale. Quickly gaining momentum, Adam Rhodes (Bon Iver collaborator) came on board to produce the follow up record, Kind of Brave, released in December of 2013. Read what Kat had to say about the charming, ukelele driven single, “Little Rose,” below and you can stream her latest EP, Kind of Brave, here.
The inspiration for “Little Rose” came from an interaction I had at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival last year.  One afternoon I was sitting up on a hill listening to a performer and writing in my notebook when a man walked over to me, held out a leaf and said, “you look like someone who would appreciate this.” It was a very pretty leaf, I will give him that.  The leaf itself had turned brown and crumbled away, but the veins and outer edge had remained intact.  I told him it was cool, so then he went to give it to me and I was like, “Are you sure?” And he said, “Yes, I’m not someone who would appreciate it.” Even though the interaction was a little odd, I thought it was a really beautiful idea- giving something to someone simply because they will appreciate it more than you could.  So then he walked away and I started writing “Little Rose.”  It turns out he was right- I was someone who would appreciate it.  – KQ

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