Feature Friday: Sheppard

Feature by Bailey Garno

There’s nothing terribly complicated about Sheppard’s new single, “Geronimo”. But it’s quadruple-platinum in Australia, the highest-selling Australian song of the year, holds the record for the longest-running single by an independent Australian artist, and is, above all else, wonderfully infectious. Hailing from Brisbane, this band of brothers, sisters, and friends is making waves in the Land Down Under, the U.K., New Zealand, and is set to hit the States next with the upcoming digital release of their North American debut EP, Geronimo, on August 12th.

George, Amy, and Emma Sheppard, alongside friends Jay Bovino, Michael Butler, and Dean Gordon have the secret to success: make catchy, simple melodies that make people feel happy. That was the motto back in 2013 when they released their debut single, ‘Let Me Down Easy’ and it seems that they are applying this same motto to this future EP, based on the happy-making, clap-and-stomp feel to “Geronimo”. The track list includes this single, whose equally joyful music video can be watched on VEVO, “Flying Away”, “Smile”, and “Something’s Missing”.

These tracks have already caused a stir in the group’s home country, where the debut album, Bombs Away, took #1 on the top album charts the month of its release. Since their success began, famous faces have gushed about this group, including music manager Scooter Braun, who will be taking care of the group in the U.S. Additionally, the alt-pop group has performed on Australia’s show, The Voice, and has made an impressive appearance on the U.K.’s Spotify stream with “Geronimo” holding the #3 spot.

I predict “Geronimo” to lead Sheppard’s grand entrance into the U.S, making it an international force much like “Pompeii” made Bastille with its North American debut back in June 2013. You can follow Sheppard on Twitter and Facebook now, and be the first of your friends to know about these rising stars.


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