Single Review: “Clap Your Hands”


Whilk and Misky is yet another new band emerging from the streets of London. Made up of Nima, the producer, and Charlie, the vocalist, the two have come together to create an angsty techno/soul sound.

Their first single is “Clap Your Hands,” a song with a sound as unique as the band’s name—which is clearly the intention of the essence of Whilk and Misky. It is indeed a catchy track, with acoustics and a clapping rhythm that has a Latin feel to it, making it reminiscent of salsa music. This swaying beat keeps in time with the lyrics, as well, and both work together to get the listener to dance. Charlie’s voice has the familiar indie strain and intonations, but it is the overall production and how the instruments and vocals come together that make “Clap Your Hands” interesting and successful in its own, very distinct genre.

If you like “Clap Your Hands,” make sure to keep your eye out for the release of Whilk and Misky’s debut EP, First Sip, with Dirty Charm Records.


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