Show Review: The Silent Scene

Review by Emily Kelberman

The Silent Scene – playing their way from a small town in Connecticut to the Big Apple. Fresh off of VH1’s Make A Band Famous, the four young band members played an incredible set on the Lower East Side. Pianos, a popular bar and venue known for housing many great artists, was full of great music on a particularly rainy day in New York. Their refreshing sound has attracted countless New Yorkers, even the founder of a popular music site known as ReverbNation, where the band was recently selected as the top Artist of the Week – and this is just the beginning for the Fairfield natives. The members, Richie, Ben, Duran, and Jeff, are young but their talent is unwavering. I was absolutely blown away by the vocals and talent each member possessed and also loved that every member had an important role. Each played an instrument, both Richie and Duran strumming the guitar with added vocals. They were incredibly in sync with one another, creating a great energy for the local bar.

Equipped with keys, drums, guitars, and vocals, I would say this band is destined for success. Their sound is unique and extremely different from what’s on the radio today. The Silent Scene has mastered the modern version of alternative and rock and added a splash of techno to the mix. Their new sound is sure to get a positive nod from the music community, especially with their hits, “Heartbeat” and “Collecting Hearts.”

The Silent Scene is quickly on the rise to fame. At the New York show, a young girl sitting next to me told me she saw them at the park and loved them so much she decided to come to Pianos to check out their music. Looks like the band has found their first groupie! With an increasing number of hits on their social media pages and YouTube accounts, the band is only going to grow and become more renown – and we can’t wait for what is in store! Stay up with the date with the band and pick up their debut, Cities, when it drops August 12.


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