Feature Friday: Young Rising Sons

Feature by Bailey Garno

Writing this feature on Young Rising Sons, I’ve got “High,” their debut single, playing and I’m singing along because I already know the hook and chorus by heart. This song is catchy, and is like something you’d hear on the radio and get stuck in your head before you even know the artist. “High” was released this past May, and has directed the attention of many towards the group that hails from Red Bank, NJ. Comprised of lead guitarist, Dylan Scott, bassist, Julian Dimagiba, drummer, Steve Patrick, and lead singer, Andy Tongren, Young Rising Sons will have fans and critics waiting for July 22nd, as they release their self-titled debut EP then.

The story for this group dates back to 2010, when Scott, Dimagiba, and Patrick found Tongren playing an acoustic set at a NYC bar. The three friends, who had been playing together throughout high school, approached Tongren about singing for their newly formed band. As the Young Rising Sons, the group began playing and songwriting together. Then in 2013, the boys were introduced to Schep Goodman and Aaron Accetta of Dirty Canvas, who quickly signed the group and brought them to the studio to begin recording. It was here that “High” was created and released—along with the black and white music video that can be viewed here on Vevo—catching the attention of those at Interscope Records.

Next Young Rising Sons are set to release their four track EP. “High” and another infectious, happy-making song, “King of the World,” can be heard on SoundCloud and are part of the track list for the album. But we will also undoubtedly be delighted by “Turnin” and “Red & Gold,” the last two tracks to make the list.

This summer Young Rising Sons is touring with Little Daylight, and will be making stops in Columbus, Atlanta, Austin, and more! The group has actually been posting tour dates to their Instagram, but you can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook for up-to-date news. Take a listen to what Young Rising Sons has to offer, and join me and the rest of the writers at Music Creates Us as we anxiously await the EP release from this fun, pop force.


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