Feature Friday: The Stationary Set

Feature by Bailey Garno

Earlier this month, VEVO released the music video to “Year of My Sign”by The Stationary Set, an electro-pop band from Brooklyn that has since been rising in fame. The video depicts the five bandmates—Andrew Lutes (vocals), Joshua Hoisington (guitar, piano, programming), Josh Davis (guitar, piano), and Gabriel Kubitz (bass, vocals)—plus an unlikely middle-aged woman tuning radios and pointing satellites to the sky in an attempt to capture evidence of extraterrestrial life. Featuring layered, synth vocals and a shimmering, otherworldly sound, the sound of “Year of My Sign”is not at all unlike the extraterrestrial content of the video. By the close of this short but exciting story, the boys from The Stationary Set will have you celebrating to the triumphant feeling of this track.

“Year of My Sign”is off the group’s EP, titled LION, the third since their convergence in 2009. Since hearing about The Stationary Set, I’ve gone back through some of their older stuff, including the 2011 album Haunt On. Listeners will find that despite holding the title of a pop group—at least that’s what critics have decided—The Stationary Set is not afraid to get loud. There are edgy elements to their music, including some heavy rock which can be heard, for example, in “Sleeping On Floors”(2011). Clever lyrical work also lends to the dramatics of this band, setting it apart from the typical pop group.

Recently, the group performed at the Nikon Theater on Jones Beach opening for Fall Out Boy and Paramore. The Brooklyn boys have also shared the stage with Temper Trap, Mumford & Sons, Phoenix, and more. This array of musical genre just goes to show how The Stationary Set transcends the boundaries of prescribed music types.

Tonight, June 27th, the group will perform at Brooklyn Night Bazaar for the first time, headlining the free show which consists of several other groups. If you can’t make the show, all of The Stationary Set’s music is available for listening on Spotify, or download on iTunes.


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