Feature Friday: The Phoncurves

Feature by Bailey Garno

For romantic, crooning female vocals stripped of the excess typical of the pop genre, look no further than the The Phoncurves. Comprised of Naomi Hodges and Abbie Roberts from Brisbane, Australia, The Phoncurves have changed the standard of recording, and are creating a seemingly simple yet vocally complex sound. This past April, the duo released their second EP, Heartstrings. Consisting of four tracks, the girls pick up right where they left off with the 2012 debut EP, The Phoncurves, with charming voices layered in wonderful harmony, and of course some instrumentals thrown in.

According to an interview with Alt Media in May, the girls first met on the orientation day of university, where they discovered their mutual love for The Beatles and felt an instant connection. Since that moment, the girls have gone on to release two EPs and three singles independently, including the most recent, “Lover.”  You’ll find “Lover” to be truly fantastic when you get a chance to listen–find the single on SoundCloud now!

Originally set to acoustic, the girls decided one day in the studio to change that and opted instead for some experimental vocals. This style of recording has allowed the girls to explore their own vocal talent, and to even replace the majority of instrumentation with their own voices! All-in-all, there is a real minimal use of instruments with The Phoncurves, but still an incredibly dense sound.

The girls will be in Australia for the summer, stopping in major cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth. You can find all their music on Spotify or iTunes now!


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