Feature Friday: Liza Anne


Feature By Bailey Garno

Do you ever hear a cover of a song and find it better than the original? If you’re a music junkie like the writers here at Music Creates Us, you likely thought, too often. Well here’s another cover to add to that list. This past week, Refinery29 released a cover of Lorde’s “Buzzcut Season” by the up and coming Liza Anne, featuring Aaron Krause. The similarity between Liza and the self-proclaimed Queen Bee’s vocal chords is uncanny. Indeed, Refinery29 claims they were “cut from the same cloth.”  However, we music junkies will find notable differences.

If Lorde is the devil on your shoulder, then Liza Anne is the angel. Her music has a pure and innocent quality to it, something you would hope to hear from a 19-year old (except in today’s music industry, we know not to expect too much anymore). Yet at the same time, Liza Anne’s own work, heard on her debut album, The Colder Months, reveals maturity and wisdom beyond the young artist’s years. Released on February 4th, The Colder Months is simultaneously chilling and warm. Beautifully honest lyrics will haunt you, while Liza Anne’s vocal talent will warm you up.

The album was recorded at Schematic Studios, with Zachary Dyke producing and Chad Wahlbrink working as audio engineer. This independent team has produced a masterpiece, and since the album’s release, Liza Anne has caught the attention of many. She has performed alongside Sea Wolf, Matthew Perryman Jones, Marc Scibilia, and soon will be putting on more performances in Europe.

This quick success does not go undeserved. You can listen for yourself! Find The Colder Months on Spotify, and check out Liza Anne’s official site for specific tour dates and news on the Georgia native.


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