Album Review: Lock Me Up


Lock Me Up EP
The Cab

As highlighted by last week’s Tuesday Tunes, The Cab fans have the proud privilege and honor to celebrate new music from the ever-evolving band.  The Lock Me Up EP features five new songs from the band and their record label, Universal Republic Records.  Singer-songwriter and The Cab frontman, Alexander DeLeon, has been extremely excited about all the work The Cab has been doing in the studios over the last couple years.  In the last few weeks, promotion for Lock Me Up has skyrocketed alongside the hype of The Cab Day.  DeLeon, as well as drummer Dave Briggs, and bassist Joey Thunder, have taken to Twitter to share their excitement and anticipation of the new songs.

In true The Cab fashion, these boys do not disappoint with Lock Me Up.  It is always difficult, for both the band and the fans, when artists take an extended amount of time between new music releases.  Yet with The Cab, the anticipation outweighs the anguish, and the final product never fails to go above and beyond expectation.  DeLeon and The Cab believe in their music, and the ever-growing, ever-changing quality of it.  They strive for their best, and do not shy away from learning new things or trying new techniques.  That is what makes each new release better than the last, even in just some small way.

With Lock Me Up, DeLeon took extra care with his voice, and The Cab has been in the studio with all kinds of talent, including Lindsey Stirling, the incredible young violinist.  DeLeon has also discussed his inspirations for the new music at length, quoting Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson above many.  These sounds do shine through in Lock Me Up, but with DeLeon’s lyrics and the sounds of Briggs, Thunder, and former guitarist Ian Crawford, The Cab brings songs that are all their own.  The one major downside to the new music is the absence of former pianist Alex Marshall.  Though the talents of Marshall were unique for The Cab and he will without a doubt be missed, Lock Me Up still maintains a solid sound that is still recognizable as coming from The Cab.  For more about Marshall’s departure and future plans, you can read his open letter on The Cab’s Facebook page.

“Lock Me Up” is the title track of the EP, and is instantly catchy with its strong staccato beat.  It also brings out the familiar use of themes that The Cab is known for, this time with the tropes of light and dark, and The Cab’s fundamental belief in fighting for your dreams or for love (see Symphony Soldier‘s “Angel With A Shotgun” and “Living Louder”).  The song also makes great use of metaphors, something for which DeLeon definitely has a knack.

“Moon” carries the light and dark even further, utilizing the metaphor of moon and stars in a sensual way through its beat and lyrics.  This is another talent of The Cab and the mastermind that is Alexander DeLeon.  The bridge is reminiscent of the opening of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” as well, if only in the brief snippets of each song.

“Numbers” is the love song on the EP.  It has a unique sound that is almost celestial, circling the EP back around its theme of light/dark and moon/stars, a clever accomplishment.  The lyrics are not as strong as other ballads The Cab has put out such as “Endlessly” on Symphony Soldier, but DeLeon still employs simple metaphors and notions that are truly deep when it comes to a love-letter type of confession.

“Stand Up” is an instant hit.  You just cannot help but jam when this song comes on.  It is also the perfect song lyrically for The Cab.  It is everything that DeLeon believes in–just follow him on Twitter or read his blogs and you will understand the person he is, and it is all in this song.  The beat makes it easy not to listen to the words, but if you catch what DeLeon is saying, this is the most powerful track on the EP.  It is an anthem to be strong and not be afraid of being who you are.  DeLeon croons, “Sanity is suicide, and crazy are the legends,” a truth he believes as he then pounds out, “Yeah maybe I’m crazy, but don’t try to save me, ’cause I’ve never felt so alive.”  “Stand Up” is also the first song we really hear DeLeon’s voice sped up to the point of rapping.  It adds to the force and strength of the song, making listeners believe in DeLeon’s message all the more.

“These Are The Lies” is the final track on the EP, and is another heart-stealer.  The lyrics toy with your emotions as you go through the emotions that DeLeon is experiencing, and how they turn out to all be lies he is telling himself.  It is all the more powerful because it puts you in the first person, and again with the sped up vocals, the self inflicted pain feels that much more real.  The sound and vocals are reminiscent of Justin Timberlake, which is surely a compliment for Mr. DeLeon and The Cab.  However, The Cab is still their own unique band, and with the EP taken as a whole, it is clear that their influences, especially from JT, do not lessen them to another cookie cutter band, but help strengthen their own sound.

I highly recommend The Cab’s Lock Me Up EP, and cannot wait for the new album to be released.  It is still in the works, with no album title or release date as of yet, but if Lock Me Up is any indication, it will definitely be worth the wait.  You can download Lock Me Up now on iTunes.

Recommended Songs:

“Stand Up”
“These Are The Lies”

Rating: 4.5/5


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