Tuesday Tunes: Songs of Nostalgia

This week for Tuesday Tunes we decided to mix it up, and give you a little background on some of the songs we love to listen to.  One amazing thing about music is the way certain songs stick in your head, or will remind you of a specific time or place, no matter when you return to that song.  We thought of some of the songs that are especially nostalgic to us, and have shared a brief explanation of just what these songs remind us of and mean to us.  What songs hold significant memories for you? Share them with us!

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Sierra’s Picks:

  • “I’ll Run” – The Cab – If you know anything about me, this song isn’t a surprise. I’ll Run is the first song I ever heard from The Cab and it instantly made me fall in love with the band and their music. It will always remind me to stay true to myself and fight for what I want.
  • “Holiday” – Green Day – This song reminds me of one of my best friends and summer camp in ’04 when we sang this song ridiculously loud outside of our cabin.
  • “Finale B” – Rent Soundtrack – Probably my favorite song from my favorite movie/musical. This reminds me of freshman year, meeting the people who immediately became my best friends, and getting overly emotional over musical theater.

Bailey’s Picks:

  • “Blackbird” – The Beatles – I actually sang this for my senior recital when I was in Chorus in high school.  Not only am I reminded of that moment where I got on stage and sang in front of more people than I ever had before, but I’m also reminded of senior year in general.
  • “If I Had a Boat” – Lyle Lovett – This is probably one of the oldest songs I have in my memory.  It reminds me of my dad and sitting outside in the sun with the family.
  • “Babel” – Mumford & Sons – Best concert on my life was put on by Mumford.  I went with family and friends and we watched from the green lawn underneath a beautiful, starry night summer sky.

Leigh’s Picks:

  • “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz – This song came to me during a rough time in college. One of my best friends (who has a knack for mixed tapes) burned me a cd with this song. It instantly gave me comfort, and to this day still makes me feel hope and like I’m safe at home.
  • “Mannequin” – The Summer Set – This song is part of one of my most nostalgic albums, Everything’s Fine. It came out the summer of my first Disney cruise, literally the most magical vacation I’ve taken. I was so anxious to hear this song especially, and now every time I hear it I long for and remember the fun I had in paradise.
  • “Brown Eyed Girl” – Van Morrison – This could be my family’s theme song.  It’s one of my dad and brother’s favorite songs, and it plays at nearly every family wedding.  Safe to say, it’s fun and filled with memories.



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