Feature Friday: Sonia Stein


For this week’s Feature Friday, we are highlighting a new solo female artist with a powerful, haunting sound the likes of Lana Del Rey and The Civil Wars’ Joy Williams.  Sonia Stein is a new name emerging from the streets of London, though the singer originally hails from Poland.

Stein is currently in the studio, working on songs for a new EP with producer Liam Howe (Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding).  Though she is just starting out in the larger music scene, having just played her first opener for Natalie Duncan in London, Stein already has some amazing tracks laid down.  “Demented Mind” seems to be her mantra as of right now, displaying her interestingly eerie folk sound, while also demonstrating her fascination with personal relationships and how the mind holds on to unwanted emotions.  You can read more about what Stein had to say about the song and her philosophy in an interview with ColoRising here.

Stein’s two other hits are “Symbol” and “Friendly Ghost.” Both tracks have an innate power to captivate the listener with Stein’s vocals and piano accompaniment.  It is clear that Sonia Stein has the talent to really make a splash in the music world, and she could not have picked a better time for being a strong, soulful female artist.  Be prepared to see big things from Stein in the future, but in the meantime check out her unique sound below.  You can also follow Sonia Stein on Twitter for the latest from this up and coming artist.



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