Feature Friday: Lyon Apprentice


Review by Bailey Garno

Be Honest, Be Wild, Be Free is fresh on the music scene, having just been released worldwide digitally today (April 4th) by Australian brothers Adam and Nathan Lyons in association with Canvas Sounds. Adam and Nathan work together to form what is Lyon Apprentice, a duo that is creating what they call a “melodic brand of indie folk.” This title fits their debut five-track EP quite well when you take a listen to the release, which can be streamed through SoundCloud now.

Lyon Apprentice is yet another international group that we are fortunate to have grace our stages here in the States. Before moving to the Gold Coast, the brothers grew up in north Queensland. The boys displayed an enthusiasm for music at a young age, leading them to write a song for Nathan’s graduation. Now the brothers are putting their talents to use professionally, having teamed up with Mark Myers (The Middle East, Emma Louise) and Catherine Marks (Death Cab for Cuties, Foals) in Cairns and Assault Battery Studios in London. The group’s work has paid off; the new EP is hauntingly beautiful and now Lyon Apprentice is traveling the world, opening for a variety of groups–Bear’s Den, Glass Towers, for example–and even earning a spot on stage at the Bleach Festival.

The sound off the EP is reminiscent to The Lumineers at times, and when the chorus breaks into dramatic percussion, as heard in “I Will Find You,” it renders the thumping instrumentals of Mumford & Sons. But vocally, Lyon Apprentice is different. “Letters to Nowhere” is delightfully simple and “Beautiful Thought,” the first single, is a sure favorite.

Keep an eye out for the boys who will land on the East coast in May, and then travel to LA that month.


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