Feature Friday: ASTR

           Feature by Bailey Garno

I recently wrote a review for the St. Lucia headliner show in Syracuse, N.Y, which gave great praise to the 80s-inspired pop group.  But the opening act, an NYC-based duo,  also put on a performance worthy of a listen and follow.  Zoe Silverman is fabulous and fly on vocals with her hip hop-inspired style, and Adam Pallin’s beats lend to the manifestation of what is ASTR.

Formed in 2013, the group was able to spark some buzz at the world-famous CMJ Music Festival this past October. This point is not at all surprising; the CMJ scene is about the discovery of new artists and new music, and ASTR’s sound is fit for a dark, lewd basement party. It’s edgy and combines both old, 70s psychedelic sounds with futuristic psychedelic sounds. The dream-like elements and hip-hop snares make for a strange combination, but you will inevitably dance just as Zoe does non-stop on stage.

Right now, ASTR has a limited catalogue. Their debut EP, Varsity, consists of a mere six tracks, one of which is a cover (Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home”). But listeners need not be discouraged!  Every track is fun and remains true to the unique galactic-like music Zoe and Adam are creating. The EP is especially impressive if you know that the musicians only just met within the last few years, and ASTR was an even more recent revelation. Nevertheless, Varsity is entrancing, and the single ‘Operate’ is especially so. If you watch the music video with it, which can be viewed on their official site, you might forget you’re actually not watching a throwback horror flick.

Also on their official site, you can find upcoming show dates. The duo will be playing at SXSW in Austin and future dates indicate that they are headed to New York after. Varsity is available on iTunes now, so have a listen and let us know what you think of this dream pop pack.


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