Show Review: Ed Sheeran @ Madison Square Garden


This weekend we had the privilege to go to one of Ed Sheeran’s sold out New York City shows at the infamous Madison Square Garden.  Our show was Friday, November 1st, the original date Ed had lined up to play the Garden.  After selling out within minutes, Ed added a show not only days before Nov. 1, but a week later, as well.  It is always amazing when an artist can make it to MSG, and the fact that Ed sold out three shows really tells you something about his talent.  And attending one of those shows tells you a lot more.

For our date, up and coming singer-songwriter Tori Kelly opened, and it is safe to say she stole our hearts.  The 20-year-old Californian is a self-made star, beginning when she was only fourteen and gaining a fan base through her YouTube channel.  She took the stage with only her guitar and her Sandra-Dee curls, quickly captivating the audience with her quirky smiles and bubbly chords.  Her voice was clear and powerful, all the more impressive when you actually listened to her lyrics.  Her song, “Design,” was the first of the set to resonate with me because it was so relatable and honest.  Some other favorites were “Dear No One,” “Rocket,” and “Daydream,” all off her brand new EP, Foreword.  Kelly also had the crowd going with covers from some of her inspirations including Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson.

Tori Kelly was absolutely a pleasant surprise for the night, and I highly recommend checking out her music.  She’s currently working on her debut album, so head over to her Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date!

At 9 o’clock on the dot Ed came out and delivered an incredible rendition of “Give Me Love.”  One thing Ed is known for is drawing out his songs, creating a melody of guitar solos and vocal riffs that are always fun to jam to, but also showcase just how talented he is.  Another great example from the night was “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” which lasted at least fifteen minutes, containing extra verses, nods to other popular songs, and of course Ed’s intense rapping skills.

One aspect of the show that was truly awe-inspiring was Ed’s repeated ability to silence the entire venue.  He explained early on his use of the “universal shhh,” which was chilling when effected through songs like “Small Bump,” “Kiss Me,” and “Wayfaring Stranger.”  In many shows, changing up the tempo and pace can be off-putting, but Ed Sheeran knows how to make it work, and his fans will do anything to experience authentic Ed.  The lucky thing is, Ed is always authentic and true to himself, as all of his songs demonstrate.

During the show we were also treated with a new song, fittingly entitled, “New York,” and Ed happily acknowledged that it would be on YouTube by the end of the night.  You can listen to it here.  Ed has been working on a new album for two and half years, and recently tweeted that when the album is finished he will also go on an extended tour to promote it.  So if you missed Ed on the Red Tour this summer or couldn’t make an MSG date, there will be plenty of opportunity in the future.


Speaking of Red, another highlight of the night was a surprise appearance by Taylor Swift herself.  Though news had been leaked earlier that afternoon that Taylor would be at the show, it was still amazing to see her and witness the surprised fans’ reactions.  The two sang their hit, “Everything Has Changed,” which was just as cute and fun as its music video.

All in all it was a fantastic night, and Ed Sheeran puts on a great show.  For those who have yet to see him, definitely add him to your concert bucket list, and for those who have, share your stories with us!


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