Feedback From The Fans: Bangerz

Big thanks to Briana for sending in her review of Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz. For more album reviews, head over to Briana’s website, Radio Rocketeer! What do you think of Bangerz? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

She’s managed to jump right into the spotlight of American pop culture and has gotten everyone talking about her.  This spark of publicity took off when she cut her hair and went blonde, taking on a considerably more edgy look.  We knew the former Hannah Montana star was growing up, but it was unclear how much until just recently.  On August 25, a changed pop star ignited the flames once more in a highly provocative and revealing performance featuring Robin Thicke on the MTV VMAs.  Since then, media and the public have not turned away from the ongoing discussion on Miley Cyrus.

Bangerz, released on Friday, October 4, is Cyrus’s first album with RCA Records.  Her new image spills into her new style of music; however it’s best to strip away any feelings you may have about her when listening.  Cyrus and her producers are reinventing pop and making it their own, proving that the music itself is worth more attention than anything else surrounding Miley Cyrus.  The album’s first single, “We Can’t Stop,” does not do much justice to Bangerz as a whole.  Neither does her collaboration with Britney Spears, “SMS,” both of which are nothing more than the typical, repetitive and irritating pop songs.

The rest of the album is a little more unique than the average pop music of today.  Although Bangerz starts off slow, heartfelt, and similar to Cyrus’s older music with “Adore You,” it soon picks up and evolves into something bigger and more complex.  It is very much a hip-hop/rap-influenced album, featuring rap artists Nelly, Future, Big Sean, and French Montana.  By mixing rap elements with Cyrus’s rich southern vocals, the album creates a fresh vibe of pop.  Songs like “4×4” and “My Darlin’” are good examples of how Cyrus makes this happen.

Each and every song on this album can really stand on its own.  It’s not all rap or all pop or all dance; there’s a lot of variety to it.  Cyrus has proved her maturity through her lyrics and also her ability to cover different types of songs.  There are songs like “Love Money Party” and “Do My Thang” that mix rap and dance.  There are also more lyrical songs like “Drive” and “Maybe You’re Right” that show off Cyrus’s true vocal talent.

The second biggest hit of Bangerz, “Wrecking Ball,” is the emotion and passion of the album.  “#GetItRight” is very light and airy, incorporating funk and soul.  Cyrus pops the verses off funky beats, catchy whistling, and a repeating guitar rhythm.   The chorus is mature but fun, wrapping up this upbeat, feel-good song.  The glamorous and fierce “FU” is rough around the edges and keeps up with the confident vibe Cyrus creates.

“Someone Else” finishes it all off with probably the biggest dance track of Bangerz.  Overall, this album does have a lot to offer.  Whether you’re looking for a solid and meaningful pop ballad, a noisy hip-hop song, or just something to dance to – Miley Cyrus delivers.


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