Artist to Look Out For: RÁJ

RÁJ, an up and coming artist with The Musebox, the same agency that brought you The Neighbourhood, has released his debut single, “Ghost.”  RÁJ also teamed up with Pigeons and Planes to release the music video for “Ghost,” which you can watch below.

RÁJ is a new artist with the unique mentality of letting the music speak for itself.  His bio is minimal in the hopes that his music alone will propel him forward.  Indeed, “Ghost” is an excellent start, in tune with the growing fad of indie music dominated by bands like Imagine Dragons and The Neighbourhood.  Yet RÁJ is still able to stand strong on his own.  The music of “Ghost” is pulsating, the lyrics are compelling, and there is obvious vocal talent.

RÁJ succeeds in his element of enigma, and definitely draws the listener in, making them curious and anxious to hear more.  He has been labeled the “Next Hype” by BBC Radio’s Zane Lowe, and with good reason.  Like The Neighbourhood, RÁJ will definitely be an artist to look out for.


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