Feedback From the Fans: The 1975

Check out this fan review of The 1975’s self-titled debut album, which is now available on iTunes. Thanks, Zak, for sending in your thoughts! If you’d like to write an album review for us, email us at

If there is one thing I can say about the future of the band The 1975, it is M.O.N.E.Y. will be made. A band of this caliber is just not something to overlook because of their foreign and experimental use of sound.

The band itself was formed in early 2012 sometime in January. They released an EP entitled Facedown in August of that same year which included their song “The City” that got national radio play over the pond. They also had wide success with their song “Sex” which reached as high as 23 on the UK charts in the indie category, while also reaching 35 on the American boards in the alterative category. They released two EPs in 2013 before their album, Music for Cars and IV.

After this flood of EPs, how does the debut album stand out?  It does so with its satisfying peculiar structure as well as its mysterious, yet upbeat positive atmosphere. Not many bands are able to be as fearless on an album like this band has been. The 1975 includes three songs, “The 1975,” “An Encounter,” and “12,” all of which fit this similar style that I can only call gothic ambiance. They are not dark or disturbing, but they have this very different use of sounds compared to any other songs. So I group them together as being more or less created from the same idea and are distinctly separate from most of the album. Upon first listen, it felt a little odd and offputting, but after a second listen, breaking up the album by these tracks was brilliant. Each song is short but allows the listener to get immersed in them for that short time before being thrown back into what else is in store. After the album gets started with the very groovy and funky track “The 1975,” you are treated to a wonderfully written “The City.” The song really does show that this band is very much a UK indie band. Their use of instruments and lyrics make a very specific sound that no one could call anything else.

As I listened to more and more of what makes their sound just so appealing, I realized that unlike some bands, The 1975 do not hide their accents, giving off a very genuine feel and tone to their music. This is something which seems absent from a few musicians in the mainstream today and does nothing but outline the fact that The 1975 is not mainstream and loves the songs they produce. The band itself letting their accents come out even as they sing, adds to the genuine tone, as well as a sense of personal attachment.

I would also like to point out that they do live up to the name The 1975. Their music gives off this unique groove to it, and the way they present it has a distinct vibe that honestly makes me feel that I could have gone to my local record store in the year 1975 and find this exact album in some box in the back room with all the imports. If I can say one thing about this band, they are definitely funky, experimental, and the perfect dash of indie.


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