Show Review: John Mayer’s Born and Raised Tour


A John Mayer concert is definitely one to check off a bucket list, especially after his long year of cancelled shows, surgery, and recovery.  This week we had the chance to do just that, seeing John at Darien Lake in Buffalo, NY.  John is back on a comeback tour of sorts, the Born and Raised Tour.

Opener Phillip Phillips started the night off right, with energy and a couple of covers to get the crowd pumped up.  To finish his set, the American Idol winner sang his hit, “Home,” which was a clear crowd pleaser.

In due time John Mayer made his way to the stage with an incredible backdrop and ensemble of musicians.  The stage was set like a western landscape, with built up rocky ridges and a screen choreographed to night skies and shooting stars.  The stage also included a complete musical set of guitarists, drums, singers, and piano and keyboard players.  Each musician brought something unique to the songs, but of course it was John Mayer himself who stole the show.

John’s talent showed through right from the start, stealing hearts and blowing minds throughout the stadium.  Each song had its own lengthy guitar solo, showcasing John’s abilities, love for music, and the fact that he is without a doubt back.  Even his vocals were spot on, and the crowd was more than happy to move and sing along.  Along with his guitar, Mayer also charmed us with his harmonica skills, at one point even playing both instruments at once.

It’s safe to say it was an incredible night, and we are so grateful we got to attend!

You can check out the set list from the Buffalo show below, and go on John Mayer’s Live Tour Blog here for more information about previous shows.

Half of My Heart
Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Dear Marie
Fool to Love You
Something Like Olivia
Born and Raised
Stop this Train
Free Falling
Queen of California
Who Says
If I Ever Get Around to Living
Waiting on the World to Change
Age of Worry
Can’t Find My Way Home
I Don’t Trust Myself
Face to Call Home

Mayer’s new album, Paradise Valley, will be released this Tuesday, August 20th.  You can stream the entire album early here.

Have any of you been to the Born and Raised Tour?  Email us your experience!


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