Nicolette’s Story: Singing With The Jonas Brothers

Name: Nicolette
Location: Chicago, IL
Twitter: @Hiimnicolette27

July 9th started out like any typical Tuesday, I scrolled through my Vine newsfeed before taking a shower. One 6 second clip in particular caught my attention; it was the Jonas Brothers announcing a Vine contest for fans to sing onstage with them in each state of their upcoming tour! Although I’ve been in my school choir program since elementary school, I wouldn’t say I’m blessed with an extraordinary singing voice; I am pretty average. I’m not one of those kids who dream of singing on Broadway or anything like that, I just sing for fun while I’m driving or in the shower. However, I decided to put myself out there and submit a Vine of myself singing “Still in Love With You” for a chance to sing with three boys who I’ve looked up to for the past seven years. I was driving myself crazy by watching all of the other entries so I decided that I wouldn’t go on Vine again until after the concert.

Finally it was July 10th, the anticipated day; the first concert of the Jonas Brothers Live Tour starting in Chicago! At about one o’clock something odd happened to me, Team Jonas followed me on Twitter. It was rather surprising and had me thinking that it was a fake account for a while. But then I started to think of all the other possibilities, maybe I won the contest; could this be how they were contacting me?! The endless possibilities kept racing through my mind until I received a direct message from the Team Jonas account saying I was one of three finalists to sing with the boys tonight! My heart was pounding out of my chest, I almost wish I didn’t know I was a finalist because that got my hopes up really high and I didn’t want to be disappointed. For the next hour the account asked me several questions such as contact information, when I’d be at the concert and making sure I did in fact have tickets to the show.

As soon as they let me know I was a finalist I got my friend Stephane and headed to the concert. Unfortunately I got stuck in a ton of traffic and didn’t make it to the concert until the opening act, Karmin, was on. I was worried that this would ruin my chances of being chosen as the winner. Just then I received a direct message telling me to DM them when I was in my seat. My hands were shaking but I managed to reply that I was already there. After a few minutes a tall man approached me and asked if I was Nicolette. I nodded and he replied, “I’m Kyle, follow me.” I had no idea what to think at this point. He lead me backstage where the tour buses were parked and asked me if I knew why I was with him. I told him I knew I was a finalist but didn’t know who won yet. He then filled me in on the great news, I was the winner chosen by the Jonas Brothers to sing with them! I couldn’t believe it, everything felt so surreal. He even showed me pictures of the boys watching my Vine and picking me!

In a few minutes I was lead into a tour bus and introduced to John Taylor, Paris Garbowsky and Megan Mullins. I tried my best to contain my excitement and act like it was no big deal when in reality I was dying inside. They were all incredibly sweet and had only nice things to say. I told them how nervous I was and they said I had nothing to be worried about and explained how laid back being on stage is. Easy enough for them to say, they are professionals and I am just a 19 year old fan. John explained that I was going to sing the second verse completely by myself and the rest along with the band. I felt sick to my stomach thinking about singing alongside the Jonas Brothers, let alone by myself! I ran through it once with John and the girls and couldn’t help but shake. The part I was singing alone was pretty low in my range considering I’m a soprano so I was terrified even further. However, they complimented me and told me I was a natural which helped ease my nerves a little bit. Before long I was pulled away by Kyle and led back to my seat for the show. He instructed me to tell no one that I won but rather say I met the other finalists. It was hard to keep my excitement to myself especially because I had no idea where in the setlist the song would be.

Finally the Jonas Brothers came onstage and it was as if they were never gone. They are back and better than ever! I tried to enjoy the concert as much as possible but the thought of singing with the boys had me shaking! I danced and sung my heart out with my best friend Stephanie and had such a blast, it almost made me forget how nervous I was. During their new song “What do I Mean to You” Kyle came into the audience and got me. It was time! I could not believe this was happening! He brought me backstage and gave me a body pack and his in ear beat headphones. He handed me a microphone and told me to wait until he instructed me to go. While I was waiting a very nice lady with an accent introduced herself to me and referred to me as the lucky winner. I soon realized that it was Blanda, Joe’s girlfriend! As if that wasn’t enough the boys were just a few feet away from me rocking out onstage. Through the headphones I could hear the boys talking to each other after the song was over! I tried my best to stay calm as Joe said, “Time to bring out the girl” in the creepiest voice I have ever heard. I then heard Kevin and Nick reminding each other that my name was Nicolette. The boys then talked about the Vine contest and Kevin came and brought me onstage! It was the best time of my life. I got to hug each of the boys and talk to Joe for a bit. He instructed me to say hi to my fellow people but when I tried I realized my microphone wasn’t on. He let me use his as I said hello to the thousands of screaming Jonas Brothers fans. It was then time for the song to start and I stood by Paris and Megan as instructed. I couldn’t hear a thing it was so loud. I was even more nervous because I couldn’t hear my own voice so I assumed that I was very off pitch. But then I realized that isn’t what matters it’s the experience itself that does. I tried my best to just enjoy myself and rock out onstage with the boys and that’s exactly what I did! I can truly say it was three minutes of my life I will never forget! Before I knew it the song was over and Kevin was escorting me off stage. Kyle kept telling me what a good job I did and led me back to my seat. I enjoyed the rest of the concert, it went by so fast!

As if the experience itself wasn’t enough, the next day my social networks filled with messages, videos and pictures of the experience. The Jonas Brothers even posted a Vine Facebook post and tweet after the concert with me tagged in it. I still cannot believe this happened to me and can’t thank the Jonas Brothers enough for this incredible experience!

Thanks Nicolette for sharing this awesome experience with us! If you’d like to see a clip of Nicolette performing with the Jonas Brothers, click here! If you have a concert story you’d like to share, email us at!


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