Album Review: Bangs

Brick + Mortar’s new EP, Bangs, was released yesterday, and seems to be falling right in line with the popular indie rock sound of bands like Imagine Dragons.

The title track, “Bangs,” is a strong opener, especially with the harsh guitar riffs and mesmerizing vocals.

“Locked In A Cage” has a steady beat that carries you through the song, and the lyrics recall older, classic rock and roll.

“Heatstroke” is a previously released song.  It has a different twang to the vocals that sets it apart from Bangs, but the musicality is still familiar and enjoyable.

“Old Boy” is much more upbeat and catchy, a great song to dance and jam to.  It is one of the few songs where the “indie” seems to take a backseat to a sort of “reggae/pop” that is unique and fun. “Keep This Place Beautiful” is also different in that it opens with a bit of a techno feel.  The staccato vocals work well with this sound, but once the song gets going it appears that the lyrics and message go deeper than the beat and flow of the music.

“No I Won’t Go” incorporates an array of musical instruments that set the undertone of the song apart.  The lyrics are strong and are delivered in perfect Brick + Mortar fashion, slowing down and picking up in just the right balance.

The EP ends with “Terrible Things,” showing off the skills of drummer John Tacon.  It is a great choice for an album closer.  The vocals also have an uncanny resemblance to Dan Young of This Providence, so fans of This Providence should definitely be sure to check out Brick + Mortar.

Rating: 3/5

Recommended Songs:
“Old Boy”
“No I Won’t Go”


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