Emma’s Story: Fall Out Boy

Name: Emma
Location: Nashville, TN
Twitter: @emma_jeane

The lights went out in The Ryman Auditorium, and on stage, behind a white curtain, there stood four silhouettes. The curtain fell and Fall Out Boy began their final show of the Save Rock and Roll Tour.

They opened with “Thriller,” an anthem about the success of the band against any negativity thrown their way. Fall Out Boy’s stage presence was as though they never stopped touring three years ago. Patrick Stump’s voice was stronger than ever and really displayed his skill during one of their new songs, “Death Valley.” Despite the fact that this tour supports their newest album release, most of the set list was from Fall Out Boy’s archives of music. The highlight of the night was during the encore. As the band played “Save Rock and Roll,” a song that features Elton John, they really had the room believing that we were all going to save rock and roll. It was a very convicting moment as Stump sat at the piano, Joe Trohman and Pete Wentz rallied with the crowd, and Andy Hurley stood at his drum stool yelling, “Oh no, we won’t go, we don’t know when to quit, oh oh.” Fall Out Boy and their fans will never give up trying to save the music scene, and rock and roll. They closed with “Saturday,” a crowd favorite. It was very refreshing, in a time where live performance quality is so low, to witness a real rock band and really feel the music.

Fall Out Boy heads out again in September on the Save Rock and Roll Arena tour. This show is said to be bigger than the tour they just got off of. The supporting acts are Panic! At the Disco and Twenty One Pilots.


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