Album Review: Ancient/Eternal

Evan Andree, a talented new artist who we have been privileged to get to know and feature, is ready to make another splash with his new EP, Ancient/Eternal, which comes out June 11th.

Andree’s new release is a five song EP featuring the new single, “Tonight (For Fantine),” which Andree was excited to post last week.

Andree has warned that the new EP is a bit of a new sound for him, especially in comparison with his last couple of EPs, Flags Pt. III and Invisible Sap.  Indeed he’s right, the new EP is a lot slower than the familiar, indie/pop that Andree usually generates.  But the new sound is hardly detrimental for Andree, giving fans the chance to see a whole new side to his music.  Ancient/Eternal allows the opportunity for Andree to display his range of musical and lyrical talent, rounding him out as an artist and a contender in the intense world that is the music industry.

The first two tracks, “Naked” and “Tonight (For Fantine),” display Andree’s exploration into the slower, emotional side of his music.  But “Atomic Bombs” is a flashback to the familiar Evan, especially with his quirky voice and how he carries it through with easy, tap-along music.  “This Photo of You” falls back in line with the first two songs, and the final track, “The Road, Again,” seems to be a mix of old and new Andree.  “The Road, Again” is catchy and the lyrics are relatable, creating a great feel-good song.

Ancient/Eternal is a refreshing new sound for Evan Andree, and he really rises to the challenge of branching out and trying something new.  Old fans should definitely give the new EP a listen, and appreciate the well-rounded talent of Andree.  It also feels certain that new fans will flock to the new EP, getting caught up in the emotional and intimate call Evan sends out.

Recommended Songs:
“Tonight (For Fantine)”
“The Road, Again”

Rating: 4/5

Check out our feature on Evan here, and be sure to “Like” his Facebook page for more info about Ancient/Eternal, out June 11th!


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