Album Review: I Never Deserve The Things I Need

We recently did an interview with On My Honor, and now we are honored to provide a new, sneak peak review of their upcoming album, I Never Deserve The Things I Need.  The album is the latest full-length from the Tennessean band with Little Heart Records, and was produced by The Swellers’ Nick Diener.

The album opens with “Tired,” a slower song of only two minutes, providing an easy introduction for the entire album.  It really gets you curious, making you anxious to hear more of what the band will have to say in their lyrics, and where they will take you musically throughout the album.  Right off the bat it displays some of the power of On My Honor and their collective talent as a band, marrying both music and lyrics in their unique way.

“Gypsy Summer” is a really catchy, upbeat song that definitely feels like it would have good energy live.  But with a closer listen, the song is also lyrically captivating, and seems to embody the essence of On My Honor and their well-known, well admired work ethic.  The song also seems to flow perfectly into the next, “Sketchbooks,” following a similar theme of the struggle of success, but how worth it it is in the end.

The title track, “I Never Deserve the Things I Need,” is sure to be an instant favorite.  The guitars provide a kind of force to the song, but Drew Justice’s voice is so familiar and alluring, the song instantly feels like an old favorite you cannot help but turn back to.  The framed lyrics of the beginning and the end also provide a unique sense of nostalgia that strikes an emotional chord and really draws you in.

“Say It With An I” also plays on the emotions.  Lyrically, the song is slowed down, but the rising music and surging vocals give it good power and force.  The last minute or so captures the climax of the song, and the echoed vocals bring out something new for On My Honor, and offer a feeling of real union with the band.

“Indrid Cold” feels a little rushed, but again, the sped-up guitars lend themselves to the perfect live song.  The lyrics are some of the most relatable on the album, and again you find it necessary to listen to both music and lyrics equally.

The album ends with “Present Tense,” a suitable closing to match the introduction of “Tired.”  “Present Tense” feels reflective, on oneself, and even on the album as a whole.  On My Honor has done a great job, not only creating new music, but also organizing that music in such a way that it has a distinct impact.

Recommended Songs:
“I Never Deserve The Things I Need”
“Say It With An I”

Rating: 3.5/5

I Never Deserve The Things I Need will be released June 11th on iTunes, but you can stream it through Alternative Press here.

For more from On My Honor, check out our recent interview here.  You can also read a track-by-track interview with vocalist Drew Justice from PropertyOfZack here.


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