Feedback From The Fans: Legendary

Check out this fan review of The Summer Set’s new album, Legendary, now available on iTunes.  A big thank you to Cristina for her thoughts on the new album!  Fans of The Summer Set should head over to Cristina’s tumblr page for all things TSS.

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In the past couple weeks, the Arizonian band called The Summer Set released a new album.  Legendary is the third album from the band and it’s quite different from the others. I started to listen them in 2009, when they just released Love Like This and in the past 4 years I can see how they have improved as musicians.

With the twelve songs (and a bonus song produced by the bassist Stephen Gomez), which are very infectious and optimistic, Legendary defines who this band is and who they want to be.

“Maybe Tonight” is the template for the whole album and it will be followed by the others songs. I fell in love with this song because it’s tinged with a hopeful sheen. The theme is brave and cheers you up to live the life you really want.

“Jukebox (Life Goes On)” is an upbeat love song that represents the healing power of rock ‘n’ roll in a cheerful and optimistic way. The main ideas are stay strong and carry on.

“Boomerang” is the most poppy song off the record. It’s about trying to get someone to you like because you both were made for each other.

“Lightning In A Bottle” represents that summer feeling that you don’t care so much about tomorrow and all you want to do is enjoy the moment. It’s a very catchy song and I’m pretty is sure going to hit the radio soon.

Dia Frampton for the second time features a song with The Summer Set.  (The first was “Where Are You Now” on Love Like This.) This song is “Heart On The Floor.” It’s the sweetest song off Legendary and talks about finding the right person for you.

“F**k U Over” is the first single from the album. I really like the honesty of this song. I think there is a story behind the song and for this reason the band broke with everything in the chorus and tells that there was not an intention of hurting someone, all you want is to have fun.

“Happy For You” is a very melodic song about a relationship that fell apart, but he feels happy for the girl although they won’t be together anymore.

“The Way We Were” is a surprise for all the fans because some months ago the band played an acoustic song with the same name. The surprise was good because we can appreciate how hard they have worked on it. This song is also about a break up, but this time you want to get that person back.

“7 Days” is about a love-hate story and I’m sure it goes along with the two previous songs. The soft rhythm makes it one of my favorite songs of the record.

“Someday” helps you find yourself and accept who you are. Moreover, there is a message behind this song, saying there is more in life than fame and money.

“Rescue” has detached from the love theme to focus on the message in a friendship. The song tells the story about being there for a friend in all the moments, not only in the best, but also in the worst ones.

The album ends with a clear intention, be “Legendary.” I relate this song with the project they have to be a part of the band, called Half Moon Kids. The main idea is to try to be the best version that you can be of yourself. Moreover, everybody wants to be accepted like they are and be legendary to somebody.

The Summer Set worked hard writing during almost a full year and obviously they did a great job. If you want to hear an honest and catchy album, I highly recommend Legendary.

SCORE: 10/10


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