Enter The OpenMic.US Singer-Songwriter Competition!

The OpenMic.US Singer Songwriter Competition has launched on Monday! Artists can enter the competition as a solo act or as a band.

Don’t know what OpenMic.US is? OpenMic.US is the world’s largest promoter of live-music open mics. Through their network of 84-websites, 40-Facebook, and 40-Twitter Pages, they deliver reliable information to thousands of musicians on over 2,000-open mics. Click here for more info.

This competition is open to all musicians and you have the chance to win some awesome prizes!

First place winner will get:

  • An acoustic guitar from Alvarez Guitars
  • An ElectroVoice EV 320 microphone
  • A VoiceLive Touch 2 from TC-Helicon
  • A special introduction to all subscribing record labels/publishers by A&R Network

Click here for the full list of prizes.

To enter, you must register and create your account. All you have to do is post your original song and get the word out on your social media to let people know you’ve entered and to vote. Finally, the top-five acts that receive the most online votes will be the winners.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to enter now!

Good luck!



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