Band To Look Out For: The Mowgli’s

Michael Vincze – Guitar/Vocals
Colin Dieden – Guitar/Vocals
Josh Hogan – Guitar/Vocals
Katie Earl – Vocals
Matt DiPanni – Bass
David Appelbaum – Keys
Andy Warren – Drums
Spencer Trent – Percussion

Firm believers in love and unity, The Mowgli’s set out to spread love to all of their listeners. The Mowgli’s are a Southern Californian band with a Southern Californian soul. The eight-piece started in a garage in the San Fernando Valley where many of them grew up.

Their music draws from a desire to grow together and a sense of security within the group. They are also inspired by the energy of San Francisco and drive of Los Angeles.

For them, their music starts with having a message and trying to say it in the most uplifting way, and they do this with their single, “San Francisco”.

Their music is a walk through their life thus far: Meeting each other and experiencing together (“San Francisco“, “The Great Divide “),  emerging stronger (“Carry Your Will“) – their message is finding a foothold with fans from every walk of life, bringing people together under one roof to celebrate each other.

The Mowgli’s are 8 friends from California, who are making music with love, and making love with music.

Catch The Mowgli’s on tour this Spring with Family of the Year! Click here to see if they’re playing in your city!

You can buy a copy of The Mowgli’s Love’s Not Dead EP on Photo Finish Records or iTunes.

For Fans Of: Fun., Grouplove, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros


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