Tattoo Submission: Samantha

Name: Samantha
Location: Syracuse, NY

I’ve only seen The Maine once in concert and I think their music is beautiful. They’re a very unique band and are growing and changing with every album and I really respect them for that. John O’Callaghan’s lyrics are incredibly honest and deep, which I think goes without saying considering they wrote a song about John’s mother that sounds like a love song. Their music is very significant and I appreciate what the band shares with their fans.
I decided to get my tattoo when my friends and I were sitting around the living room listening to the album, “Can’t Stop, Wont Stop”. I hadn’t even really been considering the tattoo before hand other than knowing I wanted a quote on my ribs that I could look at and reflect on at any moment in my life to help me improve. I have not been a responsible or faithful girlfriend in the past, I was not particularly close with my family, and I constantly kept secrets from my closest and most trusted friends. The quote “love is a luxury” means to me that regardless of how well a relationship is going, or how broken it is, if you want it to continue and grow it needs to be worked at.
Love is an 
extravagant emotion to possess and it is that way because nobody can truly be loved or love someone else without putting the work into the relationship, whatever it may be. I am obviously growing as a person otherwise and slowly becoming an adult and maturing, but I honestly feel that getting this tattoo was partly pledging to be a better person. I love having this tattoo and it is a regular reminder to keep others in mind that I care for, and to nurture what amazing people I have around me.


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