Honor Bright Reunion Release

The Summer of 2011, Syracuse pop-punk band, Honor Bright, announced their break up and played their final show in August at Syracuse venue, The Lost Horizon.

Fast forward to 2013, and Honor Bright is coming back to the music scene! The band announced their big news on twitter New Year’s Eve:

Honor Bright, which consists of members Liam DiCosimo (lead vocals), Tim Paige (guitar/vocals), Ryan Gilmore (guitar), Curt Henry (drums), and Anthony Merritt, formed in 2006 in Syracuse, NY. The band went on hiatus after their major label debut, Action! Drama! Suspense! (2010), with Triple Crown Records didn’t sell as well as hoped. Prior to the release, Honor Bright has performed on TRL, Bamboozle, SXSW, and Warped Tour. They’ve also independently released an EP, If This Was A Movie (2008), and album, Build Hearts From Stars (2008).

Honor Bright plans on moving forward as an independent artist with Ulf Oesterle of Aux Records, an independent record label in Syracuse, as manager. The group hopes to release a new album this spring, as well as some previously unreleased tracks, live songs and other B-sides. Fans can support this new project on Kickstarter.

I’m excited to see what Honor Bright has in store for this year! You can listen to all of Honor Bright’s music on Spotify and iTunes.

Source: Syracuse.com


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