Feedback From the Fans: Red

Here’s a fan review of Taylor Swift’s new album, Red. Thanks Anthony for sending in your thoughts! If anyone else wants to send in a review of Red or any album they love, feel free to email us at! You can also share your opinions in the comments!

Taylor Swift has managed to reinvent herself but keeps her same sound. Red is a powerhouse of new exploratory sounds for Taylor. She manages to keep her vocals center, with her usual storytelling, lyrical style.

The difference lies within the instrumentals and the producers she’s worked with. I admit that I was skeptical when I heard she was working with Max Martin and Shelbeck; two producers known for pushing out power-pop anthems. They’ve worked with P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, and many more top 40 chart toppers. When “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” was released, a first listen threw me off. I assumed Taylor was succumbing to the same hole Avril fell in with her third album, The Best Damn Thing. However, that was not the case at all and unlike Avril’s musically weak The Best Damn Thing, Taylor Swift manages to push out a strong album that is strong musically, lyrically, and fun.

The songs that you need to listen to are, “22”, “I Knew You Were Trouble”, “State of Grace”, “The Lucky One” and “Starlight” and “Begin Again”.

The entire album is very strong, but these are the stand outs and here is why.

“22” – Acoustically driven with a beat you can rock out to. The song is about having fun with your friends, being young, and making mistakes, learning things the hard way and then shaking it all off.  Anyone in their late teens or 20s can easily relate to it.

“I Knew You Were Trouble” – Taylor admits she fell for a bad boy who broke her heart. Yes this song is about a relationship, and yes she dabbles with dubstep. However, the lyrics are strong, and her voice is front and center. The production on this song from Martin/Shellbeck is fantastic.

“State of Grace” – The beginning drums of this song sounds like “Punk Rock Princess” by Something Corporate, then jumps into Swift’s very much improved vocals. The song is about a relationship being perfect and what love feels like. The first two verses stay the same, then around 2:23 is when the song takes a turn into a quicker tempo and resembles a U2 sound. However, when the song is played acoustically it is boring to listen to. This song needed beats or else it would be a snooze.

“The Lucky One” – Have you seen the show Nashville on ABC yet? This could be the theme song for it. It’s about an experienced artist being replaced by a new young starlet, who is only replaced by yet another starlet. The song summarizes what 15 minutes of fame is all about. Taylor Swift really showcased her lyrical abilities with this song and I highly suggest it.

“Starlight” – 90’s throw back. This song makes you feel like you are on spring break. It’s so catchy and fresh. This song is clearly about Swift’s most current relationship with Kennedy as well as how she is breaking out of her shell and learning more about herself as she grows up.  It will make you want to crash an upscale party.

“Begin Again” – It’s the sequel to “Mine”, or just elaborates on where “Mine” left off. “Begin Again” is a fantastic song about getting over someone and learning to let someone new in. It’s about letting down walls we all build after we are hurt. Taylor gets back to her country roots on this song.

Is this her best album? At first I thought Speak Now was better, but after a few listens of Red I can say that Red is by far her best album and there is a reason for the two years it took to complete. She does go back to country on “Treacherous”, “Sad, Beautiful, Tragic”, and “Begin Again”. However, I was hoping for songs that would be similar to what she wrote for The Hunger Games soundtrack. She is evolving as an artist and I cannot wait to see what awaits her next, but until then I will be seeing red for quite some time!


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