Alexa’s Story: Jonas Brothers Radio City Music Hall

Name: Alexa
Location: Sewell, NJ
Twitter: @alleexaaa

October 11th, 2012; a day that all Jonas Brothers fans will remember.  It is the day I finally got to see my all time favorite boys perform on stage together again since August 17th, 2010; two years, one month, and twenty-four days ago.  This day was absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t have wanted it to go any other way.  No one could make this day a bad one.  Some say it was just another ordinary concert, ask any Jonas Brothers fan and they will tell you different.  So here is my story of the day.

I got one of the VIP packages for the concert and had to be at Radio City Music Hall early.  When we were finally let into the venue, we checked in and went on a tour of the place.  I thought it was going to be a backstage tour, but it was actually a tour of Radio City Music Hall and its history. On the tour, there was singing that could be heard coming from one of the stairwells.  Mostly everyone knew it was Joe that was singing.  It was pretty interesting, but not what I thought the tour was going to be.  After that, it was time for sound check.  All I could think about was seeing and hearing those three boys together again.  The people working the VIP packages and the people working at the venue must have been confused at sound check because Nick, Joe, and Kevin played one song and then said goodbye and they would see us at the meet and greet. Every fan was freaking out because that is not what usually happens at a Jonas Brother sound check.  Everyone was then brought to where we were going to meet the boys, but about fifteen minutes later we were all brought back to the stage.  Joe, Kevin, and Nick then played three more songs for us.  It was a wonderful feeling seeing them on stage together again after two long years.

We were then brought back to where we were going to meet the boys.  It took forever for the line to get shorter.  I don’t know why, but I was so nervous for it to be my turn.  I had no idea why I was so nervous; I did this many times before, so there was no need to be nervous.  When I was finally second in line, they had to stop the meet and greet because it was now 8 o’clock, when the show was supposed to start, and the boys had to go get ready.  They came out from behind the backdrop and stood like two feet in front of me and apologized to everyone that they had to stop the meet and greet and that they would see us all after the show.  At first, I was so upset that I had to meet them after because I thought I was going to look a mess and that they could see me looking like an idiot during the concert.  Then I thought about it and thought it was better to meet them after.  It gave me more options of things to say to them.

It was now time to go to my seat and for the concert to start.  When the lights went out, a big wave of excitement and happiness took over my body.  Their three shadows then showed up on a curtain and I instantly had chills running down my spine and instantly started to cry, actually more like sob.  My boys were back, together, performing on stage again.  They opened with When You Look Me In The Eyes and they couldn’t have picked a more perfect song to open with.  That just added to the tears.  It was such an emotional concert.  Not only I, but also many Jonas Brothers fan have been waiting for this day to come about, when their favorite boys would perform together again.  The set list was amazing.  Yes, there are a few songs I wish they played, but I was very happy with the songs they did play.  I loved how they changed the way they played some of their songs and how they mixed covers of songs in with theirs.  They performed three new songs: Let’s Go, First Time, and Wedding Bells.  I loved them all! There’s that familiar Jonas Brothers sound, but the songs also sound very different to their old ones.  I’m so excited for all of their new music.  Joe, Nick, and Kevin looked so happy throughout the whole concert.  After the second to last song, the boys ran off stage and the venue filled with that oh so familiar chant, “Jonas, Jonas, Jonas”.  They came back and played their encore song, Burnin’ Up and it was not the same without Big Rob.  When the song was finished, they did their usual bow and then brought the band up and did a group bow.  Everyone looked so happy and had the biggest smile on their faces. I couldn’t stop smiling, my cheeks were stained with tears, and I had no voice.

I then had to go back to the spot to go meet Joe, Kevin, and Nick.  I was thinking to myself, how am I going to meet them the way I look and with no voice.  Luckily, I was able to run into the bathroom and fix myself before meeting them.  After about fifteen minutes of waiting, it was finally time to meet my favorites together again.  They all looked so happy.  First up was Kevin.  We hugged, he said it was nice to see me and thanked me for coming. I asked him how he was and he responded with great.  Next was Joe.  We also hugged and asked each other how we were doing.  Last but not least was Nick.  I hugged him too and he asked me how I was and I asked back and he was really happy that he shouted, “I’m great, thank you!”  I then stood between Joe and Nick and we took the picture.  I looked at each of them and said that this was literally the best concert of my life, and I wasn’t lying at all when I told them that.  Joe then decided to rub my back and say “thank you so so much” and Kevin and Nick smiled big and shook their heads in agreement.  We all said our goodbyes and it was time for me to go get the things that came with the VIP packages.  I got a bag, a lanyard, a t-shirt, and signed poster, and a signed fender acoustic guitar.

No words can describe how amazing this concert was.  I am so happy that my boys, the Jonas Brothers, are finally back.  I can’t wait to see them again and perform more of their new songs.  This day, 10/11/12, will definitely never ever be forgotten.

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