The Wallflowers Concert Experience

Saturday night my brother, Scott, and his girlfriend, Kim, went to The Wallflowers’ show at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA.  Lucky for me, they were nice enough to tell me all about it!

The show was late, starting around 9pm, and the venue was rather small, but it was the perfect place to grab a couple beers and get ready for the band, headed by Bob Dylan’s son, Jakob.

Mason Reed opened the show and really got the night started off right with his folky twang, but when Jakob Dylan came on, things really picked up!

True to his dad (who is still touring), Jakob really knew what he was doing onstage.  His musical skill was flawless and the presence he had, driven by his voice, kept the crowd going.

The small venue also allowed the crowd a unique intimacy with the band and further enhanced the essence of the show.  Plus, afterwards The Wallflowers stuck around and hung out with fans well into the night.

The whole band was easy-going and just happy to be there and share their music.  Jakob himself was especially funny in his own sarcastic way.

Overall it sounded like a great night, and I wish I’d been there!


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