Beth’s Story: Boys Like Girls Concert

Name: Beth
Location: Syracuse, NY

Sunday night, I went to an amazing concert with my friends, Annie and Alyssa, in Utica. FIRST UP was The Ready Set who were amazing and cute. They played for like a half hour or so exiting the stage with Love Like Woe. great tune. They were really quick in between acts too so we waited like ten mins and All American Rejects came on. Tyson was extremely intoxicated/ something. it was fantastic and made for great entertainment. Amazing voice live and the crowd was obsessed with him. I’m personally a fan of the lead guitarist, I believe his name is Nick. BABE. Anyways, Tyson at one point came out into the crowd for an entire song. It was magical and I was inches from touching him; obviously God doesn’t care enough to give me that. Also, the lights were amazing for all acts. The last act was Boys Like Girls. They are also known as “gods gift to man” or “perfection”. They played a bunch of old stuff which was awesome because the crowd got really into it. They also brought a girl up on stage to sing Taylor Swift’s part of Two is Better Than One. Her dreams became a reality that night. For the last song Martin made everyone put their phones away so they could have an undocumented moment with us because it was going to get “too crazy for anyone to witness again.” There were many crowd surfers and amazingness. Martin, Paul, and Morgan all stayed right after to take pics with the fans/ make out with me. (see my picture with paul–we date). OVERALL a wonderful time. I left with a sore throat and loss of hearing from the bass just the way I like it.


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