Kailey’s Story: Warped Tour 2012


Name: Kailey
Location: Boxford, MA
Twitter: @HayKayLayPay
Tumblr: kailey-paige.tumblr.com

July has been so crazy for me, I’ve had so many life changing experiences and I have the Vans Warped Tour to thank for that! It is my dream to work in the music industry, and Warped Tour offers some great opportunities to get your hands dirty. Sponsors and non-profits are always looking for local volunteers and street teamers to help them out at each show. This year I worked with Fat Kid Rules The World, which is an awesome punk-rock movie being promoted on the tour this year. I also worked at the Hartford, CT date with Sumerian Records!

There was so much going on at the Fat Kid Booth, from handing out stickers, to telling people about the movie, getting email addresses and even band performances! Chasing Vegas, a pop punk band from Seattle performed at the tent daily.

I was lucky enough to have some down time at each show and got the opportunity to see the awesome bands on this year’s tour. I only knew one song “Second & Sebring” by Of Mice & Men, but I still had a blast at their set! There was so much energy, and of course mosh pits! The set was interrupted when a fan went down in the crowd and started seizing. Austin stopped screaming and called for a medic then jumped into the crowd to try and help the fan. Once Austin got back on stage he ordered the crowd to get down on one knee in respect for the injured fan. It was a very humbling thing to experience. I also got to meet Austin and Aaron at the Aspire & Create tent! They were both so nice and happy! I finally got a chance to buy the Ariel design by A&C, and they signed it for me.

At the Darien Center, NY date one of my biggest dreams came true! As a volunteer, I had the opportunity to be escorted on stages, so the manager of the Fat Kid booth, Victoria, was nice enough to escort me side stage to see All Time Low! All Time Low was the band that got me into this whole Warped Tour and pop punk scene and they were also a driving force in my decision to go into the music industry, so it was very surreal to get to see them side stage while standing next to industry professionals. The whole experience really amped up my ambitions and motivation to put everything I have into making it in the music industry.

Another highlight of my Warped adventure was meeting Matthew Lillard and seeing the Fat Kid Rules The World movie. At the Mansfield, MA date, the Fat Kid’s team held a pizza party for the bands and workers and screened the movie. Matthew Lillard, the director, flew in from New York to introduce the film to the bands and crew and shared how they could help promote the film amongst their fans. Being a huge SLC Punk and Scooby Doo fan I was so happy to meet Matt and be able to watch the movie while surrounded by artists and professionals I have looked up to for so long!

Aside from seeing such talented bands and meeting so many inspiring and enthusiastic fans and professionals on Warped Tour, I also had an awesome experience traveling to each show. Overall I spent about 15 hours behind the wheel!

I can’t wait for next year so I can do it all over again!


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