From the Admin: Music in You

Do you ever have one of those moments where the music just hits you?  You step back and think, “Now that’s why I love music.”  It could happen every day listening to your favorite song, or maybe it’s just once in a while and you really, truly realize it.

Well the other day I had one of the latter.  I was headed home from work with the music blasting and me foolishly (and shamelessly) singing along, when my mind started to wander.  Now that sort of thing happens to all of us, on the regular, right?

But what hit me was, as my mind paraded through the events of my day and my plans for tomorrow, and I finally made it back to the present (a good place to be when you’re driving), I realized that I was still singing along.

I had not missed a beat.  Even though part of my mind was driving and part of my mind was elsewhere, my subconscious was still very much with the music.  I didn’t even have to register that I was hearing the songs, I just knew them.

I stopped and let that sink in, and I realized that is exactly why I love music.  You don’t really know when or how, but music has a way of finding its way inside of you and burying itself down deep.  The music anchors itself in you, and it’s true, it becomes a part of you.  The music is so essentially in you that it becomes you.  And you, in turn, become the music.

That’s what is so amazing to me, and I just love when I can have an epiphany that further opens my eyes to the essence and the magic that is the music we love.

What do you think?  Tell us what you love about music!


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